Laguna Madre Fishing Tournaments

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Each participant must read and acknowledge the following rules & indicate so by signing the registration form.

1. Participants must be over the age of 18 years of age. (Excluding Kids on the Coast Tournament)

2. Federal State and local law must be obeyed by contestants at all times. Violation of any federal, state or local law will result in immediate disqualification of the individual and his/her team from the tournament.

3. Unethical conduct by participants will result in disqualification from the tournament and any future tournaments. No fishing is allowed within 500 yards of a ferry landing. Participants are not to fish within 100 yards of any other opposing participant at any time. There is no communication allowed with other participants during tournament hours unless an emergency occurs. If help is needed the Tournament Director must be called.

4. Laguna Madre Tournaments will not issue or provide any liability coverage for any participant of or for this event. By signing the entry form the participant agrees that the tournament owners, officials, participants and sponsors are absolved of any and all responsibility for damage, suffering or injury sustained due to participation in the event or any related activities.

5. Fish shall be taken by rod and reel only. Each team member may have more than one rod and reel in possession but may only fish with one rod and reel at a time. Team members may not split into separate boats. All team members must leave in the same boat. Wade fishing is allowed but all team members must stay within sight of each other. Life Jackets and Kill Switch must be worn while the boat is on plane. There are no kayaks allowed in this tournament. In the result the teams boat breaks down, only one member of the team may return to the weigh in with their catch, the other anglers must remain on the team’s original boat until rescued.

6. The entry fee for each event will be located on the Event Details on the website.

7. You may not cull fish in line. The fish you show up in line with are the fish you must weigh in. There will be no exchanging of fish.

8. Fish will be inspected for alterations in length, size and weight. No altered or mutilated fish are eligible for weigh in. Fish may be gutted at the weigh master’s discretion. An altered or mutilated fish will result in the team weighing in the fish being disqualified. The weigh master’s decision on any matter dealing with the weigh in or measuring of fish will be final.

9. The Captain’s Meeting is mandatory and at least one member from each team must attend. Team numbers will be drawn at the Captain’s Meeting.

10. Inclement weather will be taken into consideration by the Tournament Director and a decision will be made. The Tournament Direct may decide to push the leave time to later in the day or else post pone the event. The Tournament Directors decision will be final.

11. Teams must return to the weigh-in site in between 2pm and 4pm for each event. Any team that arrives after the weigh-in time will be disqualified. The official time will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting. No culling of fish in line will be allowed. After weighing in your fish, the team must load their boat on the trailer and make room for other teams weighing in.

12. Protest must be submitted to the Tournament Director no later than 10 minutes of weigh-in time. The protest must be submitted in writing and a fee of 500.00 cash deposit must be paid in full. If the protest is upheld, the 500.00 deposit will be returned to the person that submitted the protest. If the protest is not upheld the 500.00 will not be returned to the person who submitted the protest. All protest decisions will be made by the tournament director and committee will be final.

13. Polygraphs will be given to the winners at the tournament committees discretion. Each contestant agrees to take a polygraph by signing the official entry form. Failure of the polygraph or to take the polygraph will result in immediate disqualification. Contestants may not contest the result of the polygraph. All three team members must be available for the polygraph. If any team member is not available, the team will be disqualified. Alcohol is prohibited during the tournament hours. Alcohol is prohibited until after polygraph test are done.

14. Any details listed in the Events Section under the Tournament Description are an extension of the Rules and Regulations and are enforced.


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