Laguna Madre Fishing Tournaments


Jun 16th - 17th, 2023

Captain's Meeting is June 16th, 2023

Friday, June 16th EVENT TIMING

Port O'Connor | 5D's Steakhouse

Captain's Meeting Start Time

7:00 PM

Meeting End & Registration Closes

8:00 PM

Friday, June 16th EVENT TIMING

Port O'Connor | 5D's Steakhouse

Boat Take Off

5:30 AM

Event Details

Do not register on this website: Register at WWW.ROJOCLASSIC.COM

Event Schedule
Location: 5D Steakhouse, Port O'Connor, TX
Date: FRIDAY, June 16, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
*All teams MUST check in at this time to receive flight numbers for Saturday morning.
**Calcutta Side Pot must be entered and paid at check-in. $500 cash, fixed fee.

Location: 5D Steakhouse, Port O'Connor, TX
Date: FRIDAY, June 16, 2022
Captain's Meeting: 7:00 PM - Immediately following Check-In

Date: SATURDAY, June 17, 2022
Boat Release location: ICW in front of Clark's Marina, Port O'Connor, TX
Boat Release Time: Safe Daylight (Specific time given at Captains' Meeting)
Weigh-In: 5D Steakhouse, Port O'Connor, TX
Weigh-In: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM (Subject to Change)

Rojo Classic Payout Structure
Entry Fee is $650.00 Per Team (Includes Side Pot)
$600 per team for tournament entry / $50 per team for Big Redfish Side Pot

Big Redfish Side Pot
Teams are automatically entered into the Big Redfish Side Pot. Redfish Side Pot will be paid out at 100%. First place will receive approximately 75% of side pot and second place will receive approximately 25%.

In the event of a 2 team tie, side pot will be divided evenly among teams with same weight. Ex: If 2 top fish are same weight, each team will receive 50% of the pot. If two fish are tied for 2nd place, FIRST will be paid approximately 75% of Side Pot and two teams tied will each receive 50% of second place Side Pot prize money. Each team is allowed to enter only one fish in Side Pot pool. Fish entered in Side Pot pool are included team's 3 fish total stringer.

"Calcutta" Side Pot
Teams may choose to enter the optional calcutta side pot at a fixed price of $500 per team. 100% of entry fees collected through the Calcutta side pot will be paid out on tournament day to eligible winners. Payout structure will be determined by number of teams entered in Calcutta side pot. Entry in Calcutta side pot must be completed at Friday night check in, and is to be paid in CASH only.

Rules: All decisions made by the tournament director and/or tournament officials will be final in all matters. The tournament director and/or the tournament officials can make a change when the safety of a contestant is in question or by a unanimous decision by the tournament committee. Penalties and disqualifications will be determined by the tournament officials, and are considered final.
Each participant must read the following rules prior to signing of entry form. By participating in the Rojo Classic, all team members agree to follow the rules below, and accept any outcome of the event in relation to fish weights, lengths, standings, awards, or disqualifications for any reason as final.

1) Applicable Laws: Federal, state, and local laws are to be obeyed by contestants at all times. Violation of any federal, state and/or local laws will result in the disqualification of the team.

2) Tournament Eligibility: Contestants under 18 years old must fish with their legal guardian as their teammate or another adult approved by the minor's legal guardian.

3) Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs: Consumption of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during tournament hours is prohibited and will result in disqualification. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs may not be possessed in a team’s boat.

4) Permitted Tournament Fishing Waters: Contestants may fish in any legal, inshore public water accessible by boat. Surf is off limits.

• Participants are not allowed to fish within 150 feet (50 yards) of another anchored boat unless they are invited in by the team. If a team invites another team into their 50 yard area, this waives their right to the area to any team in the tournament.
• Wade fisherman must remain within 400 yards of their boat.
• If a fishing area is in question, the boat anchored first has the right to the area. An anchored boat has the first right to the area within 150 feet of the anchored boat. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to an anchor, a weight, push pole, power pole, spot lock trolling motor etc.

5) Wade Fishing is Allowed: Participants must leave from the official boat release checkpoint by boat. Teams who wish to wade fish must remain within 400 yards of the participant’s boat. Kayak fishing with "mothership" transport is not allowed.

6) Checkpoints: Boats may launch from any ramp or dock in the area. Each boat must go through the checkpoint in the morning in the pre-selected order. The checkout point and times will be communicated to the teams at the Captains' meeting. All tournament boats must pass through and be recognized by tournament official at checkpoint before they are released to fish. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Flight numbers will be drawn by each team at the mandatory registration/check in on June 17, 2022. Once a flight number is drawn, it may not be changed, traded or sold to another team. It is the contestants' responsibility to know their flight number, official time and check-in time. Failure to go through the checkpoint will result in disqualification. Weigh-in times will be between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM on June 18, 2022. Contestants who are not at the official weigh-in area at the appointed time will be disqualified. .

7) Captains' Meeting: Registration and Pre-Registration Check-in for the Rojo Classic will be held on the Friday evening before the tournament date. Registration will be between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM. A Captains' meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Friday immediately following registration. At least one member of each team is required to attend the Captains' meeting.

8) Communication During Tournament Hours: No communication will be allowed from outside sources during tournament hours. Information shared between two teams during tournament hours may not be used to give either team an advantage over other teams. No communication other than communication between team members on the same team is allowed via cell phone, radio, pager or any other electrical device during competition hours. Two individuals, on the same 2 person team, registered under the same team name and team number may communicate with one another via closed communication methods such as direct walkie-talkie or cell phone during tournament hours. If a team has an emergency, a mechanical problem, or needs immediate assistance, teams may contact local authorities, emergency services, the Coast Guard or a tournament director. Teams must notify a tournament director immediately if these circumstances exist.

9) Entry Fees, Tournament Registration: The entry fee for the Rojo Classic is $650.00 per two-person team (includes Big Redfish side pot). All entry fees and deposits are non-refundable. Optional "calcutta" side pot is available for purchase at registration. Calcutta Entry is fixed at $500 per team, and 100% of calcutta entry money will be paid out to eligible teams. Calcutta side pot entry fees must be paid in cash Friday evening at check-in.

10) Safety: Tournament days may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. The decision to shorten or to cancel will be left totally to the discretion of the tournament director/committee. A 4-hour period shall constitute a day of fishing. If conditions are not safe on the tournament day, Rojo Classic reserves the right to hold the tournament the following day (Sunday). If conditions are not favorable the following day (Sunday), an alternate date will be published on the Rojo Classic website,

11) Tackle and Equipment: Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait or dead bait will be permitted. Scented baits are allowed. Only one rod and reel may be used at any one time per angler.

12) Live Fish: Contestants are responsible for keeping their Redfish alive. Any dead fish brought in to weigh-in will be assessed an eight-ounce (0.5 lb) penalty. No altered, mutilated or iced fish will be accepted. Redfish will be inspected for alterations in size, length and weight. Any altered fish will result in the disqualification of the team weighing in the altered fish.

13) Scoring: Final winners shall be determined by the total weight of three redfish measured in pounds and 100ths of a pound of each team’s catch during the tournament. Only Redfish between 20 inches and 28 inches may be weighed-in. All redfish must be brought to weigh station in a live weigh-in tournament bag. Fish may not be brought to weigh-in on a stringer or in a basket. Teams may not possess more than three redfish in livewell at any time during the tournament except during culling.

14) Tie Breaker: If two or more teams have the same three-fish weight in the tournament, it will be considered a tie. In the event of a tie, the prize money from the two places will be combined and split between the teams.

15) Polygraph: We will have a certified polygrapher onsite that will be administering polygraph tests to tournament participants. Results of polygraph testing will establish final event and payout eligibility. By participating in Rojo Classic, you are subject to selection for polygraph testing, and you agree that a "failed" test for any reason will result in team disqualification. Our goal with the polygraph is not to "catch cheaters", as we are confident that our field of anglers consists of honest individuals that respect the sport. Our intention is to ensure that all anglers are on a level playing field, in regards to the rules of our event.

Passion for the outdoor lifestyle and apparel that provides superior sun protection

Passion for the outdoor lifestyle and apparel that provides superior sun protection

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